Here are some kind words we have received from our customers. Thank you!

Stefanie Weigele loves her Unique Oblique which she named the Redhead

Stefanie Weigele loves her Unique Oblique which she named Sansa!

“I am the proud owner of four Unique Oblique pen holders, and I can say that they are a daily source of joy for me.
After I bought my first one from Brian’s Etsy shop, Brian created the other ones after my design ideas and he managed to bring them to life so perfectly! He was also very helpful in recommending which woods to use or not to use, in finding alternatives and suggesting fitting ornamentation for each holder.
Each of my holders really is unique, not only in its appearance, but also in the writing performance – one has a bit more heft, another has an angled foot and is a bit rounder in the grip area, one is super slim and ‘weightless’ and the fourth is just in the middle. Each holder has its nibs that I prefer to use with them, and also I tend to write certain scripts with certain holders. The Sansa holder here is for example perfect for lavishly flourished Copperplate, while I prefer others for Spencerian or more freestyle, handwriting pointed pen variations.
I don’t need to add that they are wonderfully crafted and you can see and feel the care and skill Brian applied in creating each pen holder!“ Stefanie Weigele

“Brian’s pen holders are created with precision and with a love for the art of calligraphy. He has a great understanding of a calligrapher’s needs. I have arthritis and needed a particular grip on my pen holder to help my aching hands. Since working with this lovely carrot holder, I can write for miles without hurting.” Mary Braz

“I adore this penstaff! I can tell right now I’m in trouble… I’m already dreaming of a custom order… Ditto to what the other customers have said; this pen is a dream, perfectly balanced, beautiful, and an absolute pleasure to write with.” Joy Fairclough

“Brian is a perceptive and talented wood worker. He also understands how a perfectly balanced holder should feel in the hand as it glides across the page. Most importantly, he is able to precisely control the balance of his holders as he shapes them on his lathe. I have purchased several oblique holders from Brian, and truly, they are a delight. As Brian promises, when they fall into the writing position, their back weighting vanishes. Writing movements are effortless — at once stable and wonderfully free. The holders I have collected are of dramatically different lengths, and I am amazed how similar they feel in the hand. Even better, they are absolutely gorgeous. I find myself pausing as I write to admire their rare and beautiful woods, their pleasing proportions, the depth and clarity of their finish. 5 stars.” Derek Kubota

This awesome holder now belongs to

Linda’s gorgeous lime green Unique Oblique

“I have been a fan of Brian and Unique Obliques for over two years. Brian has custom made two pen holders for me – and each is truly a beautiful work of art. They are so joyful to hold and letter with. ​Brian is a wonderful artisan​ to work with. Great communication, suggestions and feedback,​ and he was never pushy or salesman-y. He really loves his craft and ​the art of penmanship, and it’s plain to see in his exceptional work.” Linda Yoshida, Los Angeles, CA

“This was my first custom nib holder purchase, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Brian was a real pleasure to deal with – he answers questions, will work with you on the details, provides helpful advice to newbies like me, and encloses a beautifully hand-written thank you note with each purchase (it’s always nice to buy a product from someone who uses what they make). I really love the pen holder – it’s not just nice to look at; it has made me excited about calligraphy, and it performs better than any other nib pen/holder I have. It is well balanced, perfectly sized and shaped at the “business end” – perfect in every way. Thus the respect for Brian throughout the calligraphy community. If you want a great nib holder, this is where to buy it!” Replicant

Photo by John Stines

John’s pen is made of ebony, Honduran rosewood burl with simulated ivory accent rings, baroque-style turnings and a classic finial

“If you’re lucky in life, you’ll meet a few people along the way who are real gems of the human race. Brian is one of those gems. I became acquainted with Brian after reading a year’s worth of his discussions on learning Ornamental Penmanship in an on-line forum. I noticed right away that he was always positive and helpful to others, and I reached out to him to ask about the pens he had begun making. He not only shared information on his pens, but he provided helpful advice, as I was completely new to calligraphy and pointed pen work. Ordering that first pen from Unique Obliques was a great experience. Brian produced a stunningly beautiful pen for me of ebony and gorgeous Honduran rosewood burl with simulated ivory accent rings and skilled baroque-style turnings and a classic finial. The handwritten letter he included is the first page in my collection of penmanship that I will always cherish. Brian’s craftsmanship has continued to evolve to higher and higher levels, and he is a true woodworking artisan with a great eye for design. His customer service is second to none. I’m looking forward to adding many more pens from him to my collection in the years to come. I’m happy to call Brian my friend, and I hardily recommend his pens to you.” John Stines, North Carolina

“This is my third oblique pen holder from Brian, and i want MORE!!! Brian is AMAZING to collaborate with, and his holders have a sleek elegance that i am in love with. the holders are of the highest quality in materials and construction. they are weightless and become an extension of my hand when lettering. shipping is fast. i can’t say enough good things about Brian and his holders, five stars all the way!!!” JoilaFrenz

“I wish I could give this more than 5 of 5 stars to be honest. The pen arrived promptly on time, with many messages from Brian keeping me up to date about shipping. When it arrived, it was beautifully addressed, wrapped up gorgeously, and included was a hand-penned note. I had a question about adjusting the flange for a different nib, and Brian sent back a very speedy reply (with pictures) to help me. Now, the pen holder. Oh dear God. It’s one of the most amazing pen holders I’ve ever seen in my life. Perfectly balanced and amazing to look at. If you don’t have one already, order one now. If you do have one, what’re you waiting for, order another. I certainly will be.” Marcus Carlini

This pen belongs to Linda Proctor

Linda Proctor has collected over 5 Unique Oblique pens

“I love the whole process of ordering a holder from Brian. He makes sure that I always feel like I am his most important customer when working with me either on a custom order or when I purchase an existing holder that I just could not pass up.
The quality of his work is impeccable. It is obvious when you hold one of his oblique pens that great care went into the design. Aside from the fact that they are stunning, they are beautifully balanced and feel wonderful in the hand. Great care is spent making sure the flange is perfect and set to the nib of your choice. The best moment is when the holder arrives. Inside the box is a pouch with the your holder wrapped inside. Wrapped around the holder is a beautifully hand calligraphied letter from Brian with the details of your holder and a very genuine thank you for your order. Hands down. No question about it Brian the Lion is my pensmith!!!!!!” Linda Proctor, New Hampshire

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