The “Baby Blue Petite” Writer



The “Baby Blue Petite” pen by Unique Oblique

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A very cool pen that I made from a custom-cast premium resin (this resin was custom ordered and made to my specs, not commercially available).  The resin is an indigo-tinted clear glass-like resin, with bits of blue pearl resin randomly spread throughout.  I was going for the look of those cool old “lava lamps” from the ’70’s.  Also within the indigo clear are little bits of holographic glitters floating about randomly.  This all adds up to a very cool and unique appearance…a beautiful and unique pen holder (betcha no one else has one like this).  :-P. Additionally, I made this pen in a cute little “petite” length so that it is easy to transport, easy to carry, and easy to handle.  Drop it in your purse or pop it into your coat pocket (take the nib out first for safety of course.).  :-). This pen is another of my “faux Venetian glass” style pens as well…it has the look of glass without the excessive weight or fragile nature of glass.  It is made of a custom cast resin that is quite durable and light in weight.  You will soooo enjoy this little pen.  It is an absolute joy to use, fits the hand like a glove, and handles like a little Porsche.

As with all of the pens that I currently build, this pen is coated with multiple layers of super hardshell clear (10 coats minimum).  This is not a spray-on finish, but a hand applied super durable finish that will never ever become sticky or gummy.  I hand work this finish until it is extremely smooth, then I buff it out to a glossy, glasslike luster.  A finish so tough that if ink dries on it, you can scratch it off with your fingernail!   And as with all of my handmade calligraphy pens, this is a pro-caliber writing instrument that will happily handle the rigors and demands of the professional calligrapher/penman.


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