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Subtle Fantasy



The Subtle Fantasy

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“Subtle Fantasy” is an awesome pen that I made from a beautiful and unique custom resin.  The colors and details in the resin are so nice!  Primarily, it has a “seafood green” hue, but tons of glorious details and random colors are suspended within.  A one-off custom pen, absolutely custom and all professionally handmade.

This is an oblique dip-pen; a pro-caliber handmade custom calligraphy pen that will happily and easily serve the needs of the professional calligrapher. It will impress any and all calligra-friends who see it…and you can imagine if you bring this to your next “event calligraphy” on-site job.  A pen like this will exude class and makes a statement that you are a serious professional with impeccable taste, and custom tools.  🙂

As with all of my handmade calligraphy pens, this one is coated with my super hardshell clear coat (12 coats on this pen).  This finish is crystal clear, super hard, will NEVER become sticky or gummy, and is almost impossible to stain.  If ink or gouache dries on this finish, you can wipe it off with a damp rag, or even scrape it off with your fingernail.

I will happily set up the flange on this pen to accommodate your favorite nib prior to shipping. Please let me know which nib (only one please) that you will use in this pen and I will have it set up and fine-tuned for you when I ship it, so it will write perfectly right out of the box!  Nib is not included with the pen, but this pen will ship to you in a nice black velvet presentation/storage box.



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