Spalted Tamarind Straight Holder



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I made this straight holder from a select piece of Exhibition Quality spalted Tamarind wood.   “Spalting” is a term for wood that has fallen on the forest floor for a long time, and has been “invaded” with a type of fungus that colors the woodgrains in a very dramatic fashion.  (Don’t worry, the fungus has been dead/inert for a long time).  LOL. It is this beautiful, dramatic visual effect on the woodgrains that causes spalted wood to be highly prized and very much sought after.  Each piece of spalted wood has its own character and is totally unique.  There are different “grades” of spalted wood…this being “Exhibition Grade” which is at the top of the chain.

This is a super nice straight holder…and straight holders are so versatile; being able to handle your broad-edge calligraphy as well as your pointe pen calligraphy.  Every calligrapher needs a good straight holder in his/her arsenal!  This one is absolutely excellent!

This pen will ship to you in a deluxe storage/presentation case.


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