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Ruby Glass Dragon



Ruby Glass Dragon custom calligraphy pen by Unique Oblique

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Fantastic custom handmade pen, this another one of my “faux Venetian Glass” pen holders.  I make these from special custom resins that I order; specially made just for me.

This one is a transparent ruby-red (like red glass) with a few sparse swirls of red pearl suspended within, and some glittering holographic resin throughout.  Absolutely a gorgeous pen holder…the beauty and transparent quality of glass, yet does not have the excess weight that inevitably comes with real glass, and without the fragile nature of real glass.

A pro-caliber calligraphy pen that will easily handle the demands of the pro calligrapher/penman.   And of course I finished this pen with my multi-layer clear (10 coats minimum)…a hand applied hardshell clear that is meticulously and carefully polished to a glassy luster.  A finish so tough and so durable that it will never become sticky or gummy (as often happens with spray-on finishes).  It is soo tough, in fact, that if ink dries on the pen, you can just scrape it off with your fingernail.


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