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“Red Maple” Filigree Pen (This pen only for the Atome 423/1423 nibs)



“Red Maple” Filigree pen

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Another one of my super-cool Filigree Pens!  I made this one from a delicious piece of flame maple (also known as “Fiddleback” because it is used for the backside of quality violins).  I dyed the flame maple a translucent red, and the handle is made from brown Yuccatan Rosewood.  The little Atome 423/1423 nibs (the same nib, but the modern ones are re-numbered by the Conté Atome company).  Some are stamped with the number 423, while others have the 1423 number, but they are the same nib.  This awesome little nib is very small (it won’t work in a standard straight pen holder) is sooooo useful!  Every calligrapher should have one of these in his/her arsenal!  They are great for writing super-thin lines (as for filigrees, or thin-wispy vines, or even for super finelined Spencerian style texts).  There is not a lot of flex in these nibs, which is great, because you can keep a fairly consistent thin line without worrying about putting too much pressure on the nib (which would resort in unacceptable line-width variations).  I was taught about this nib by the amazing Benoit Furet…he uses this nib for his amazing filigrees and super-intricate work.  (and he uses one of my handmade filigree pens when he uses this nib!). :-

This is a handmade, professional calligraphy pen…meticulously handcrafted (by me!), and as with all of my Unique Oblique pens, this one has the 12 coats of rock-hard clearcoat!  Hand rubbed finish that will never become sticky or gummy.  12 hand-applied coats (not a spray finish)…buffed to a glass-like lustre.

I will include a brand new Atome 1423 nib in this pen!



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