Purple Holographic Dragon (with silver diamond stripe)

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The Purple Holographic Dragon custom oblique calligraphy pen by Unique Oblique

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Glittering elegance and plenty of “wow factor” in this pen.  The photographs cannot do justice to the brilliance and sparkle of this pen!  Not for the timid, this one will get plenty of attention and will likely draw a crowd when you pull it out and start writing with it.  I made it from a super premium resin that is gorged with delicious holographic glitters and real gem-quality diamond particles.  I added a little silvery diamond sparkly stripe in the middle to give it that extra “bling”…and of course this is one of my “dragon” designs.  My dragon pens are among my very best pens…laborious and time consuming to build, but my goodness they are amazing instruments!  Super nice balance, and they fit the hand so well.  You will love writing with this pen!  And looks that kill!  :-). I used exotic Camatillo Rosewood to make the ornate handle stem/finial.  An elegant and responsive weapon for those who demand uniqueness and quality in their writing instruments.

Definitely a pro-caliber calligraphy pen; all handmade custom.  It will happily handle the rigors and demands of the professional calligrapher/penman.  And of course this pen is finished in my super durable hardshell clear…multiple coats of hand applied clear finish (10 coats minimum).  Meticulously worked down and buffed out to a glassy sheen.  This finish will never become sticky or gummy (as spray finishes are often prone to do).  Super quality and durability all the way.  Unique Oblique baby!!!  That’s how we roll!


I usually set up the flange of my pens for a Zebra G nib by default, but will be happy to set it up for your favorite nib before shipping. (Provided its a nib that I have…I have most of the popular/common ones). If you’d like me to set it up for something other than the Zebra G, please let me know and I will happily do that for you at no additional charge.


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