Premium Black/Brown/Gold Filigree Pen (Only for Atome 423/1423 nibs)



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A gorgeous little Filigree pen…I made this one from Black Resin (the foot of the pen), and brown Bolivian Rosewood (the handle of the pen); with a gold pearlescent resin stripe to separate the two colors.  Really a gorgeous pen…great for anything that requires super-fine hairlines or tiny, tedious retouching.

These filigree pens are only for Atome 423/1423 nibs…other nibs will not work in this pen holder.  These little Atome nibs are great for the teeniest line work (such as filigree designs); but they are good for so many more purposes.  You can add fine-touches to your broad pen work (re-work the diamond serifs to be insanely sharp, or even slightly re-shaped for ultra cool effect).  You can use them for adding super fine hairline flourishes to your copperplate.  Any kind of delicate re-touching of your letters is awesome with this pen.  These nibs are also great for super delicate monoline Spencerian and “Business Writing”.  There is a tiny amount of flex in these nibs, but almost none at all (which is why they are so great for tiny hairline work).

This pen will include an Atome nib, so you can get to work right away when you receive it!




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