Peacock “Thick Grip” Writer



Peacock Thick-Grip oblique

I’ve had several requests for “oversized grip” sections (thicker in the area where they are held in the hand).  Some folks have arthritis and other conditions that make it difficult to grasp the pen…and some folks simply prefer a thickened grip.  So with that, I decided to make this one with an oversized grip section, hopefully so that it will be more comfortable for calligraphers who have that preference.  This pen is not super big, but does have a noticeably thickened grip.

I used a premium “peacock” pearlescent resin for the “foot” of the pen, and for the handle of the pen, I chose exotic Honduran Rosewood.  I must admit that I also love the feel of this pen…nice chubby and substantial feel in my hand, and seems to be easier to control.  I plan on making more pens with these thickened grip (aka waist) sections.

Pen will ship to you in the plush presentation/storage case as shown in the photos.

Click on the thumbnails for different views of this pen.

This pen is a high-end, professionally handmade custom calligraphy pen.  It is finished with my super hardshell clear coat finish (I put 14 coats on this pen).  See how she shines; very glass-like!  Hand applied finish, one coat at a time (not a spray on finish).  Meticulously wet-sanded and buffed out to a mirror-like sheen that is extremely durable.  This finish will never become sticky or gummy, and if ink dries on this finish, it will wipe off with a damp paper towel or you can even scrape it off with your fingernail.  Super hard finish!



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