Passion Swirl Dragon



Passion Swirl Dragon

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Gorgeous handmade pen that I made from a splendid block of acrylic resin.  Awesome swirls and vibrant colors; primarily lavenders and lavender/purples with some white “ribbon” randomly swirling through.  I used rock maple wood for the handle stem, and colored it to match/complement the colors of the acrylic.  Fantastic balance, and you will love the way this pen feels in your hand.  Acrylic is super durable, and is almost indestructible under normal conditions.  Truly a nice, custom professional-grade calligraphy pen.

This is a handmade custom calligraphy pen, professionally made (by me), and will easily and readily handle all of the rigors and demands of the professional calligrapher/penman.  You will not have any issues with my craftsmanship, it is at a very high level.  And of course this pen has my super hardshell clear coat finish (I put 14 coats on this pen, despite it being made from acrylic resin).  The polished clear coats enhance the beauty and luster of the pen, and serve as an almost impenetrable coating.  Hand applied finish, one coat at a time (not a spray on finish).  Meticulously wet-sanded and buffed out to a mirror-like sheen that is extremely durable.  This finish will never become sticky or gummy, and is so hard that if ink dries on the pen, you can merely scrape it off with your fingernail.  This finish is SERIOUSLY tough and frankly is the best available.


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