Painted Lady Writer



Painted Lady Writer

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A beautiful and unique pen that I hand turned from a piece of Hard Rock Maple wood.  Very strong wood, yet light in weight, so the pen is feather-light.  After turning the pen, I laboriously hand painted the  shimmery colors on the pen, a “berry-pink” and a “teal”.  Several coats of each so that they cover properly.  The white “foot” of the pen is like unto a piece of white porcelain.  I hand applied so many coats of clear to this pen!  16 coats in all, because I wanted to insure that this pen was super well protected and that no ink would stain the paints I had applied.  I then wet-sanded and hand worked the finish to a beautiful luster…lastly taking it to the buffing wheel where I turned it into a super glasslike finish.

Quite a labor intensive process to make this pen, but I think its safe to say that you haven’t seen one like this before. :-). She looks awesome, and she feels awesome in the hand.  A super nice custom handmade pen by any measure.


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