“Milk Chocolate” Filigree/Re-touch Pen (only for Atome 423/1423 nibs)



“Milk Chocolate”

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This pen is named “Milk Chocolate”!  As with all of my pens, it is all handmade (by me).

These little Filigree pens are soooo convenient, and so useful.  Every calligrapher should have one in their arsenal.  The Atome nib is very tiny; so tiny that it will not work in a standard straight pen holder.  There are other commercial pen holders that are supposed to accommodate this nib, but I have tried one and it was awful!!!  It did not hold the nib securely, causing it to “wiggle and wobble” within the holder while I was trying to write with it.  So…I decided to make my own pen holder, designed specifically for this nib!  These little nibs are very sharp, and not very flexible, which makes them excellent for hairline borders, medieval-style filigrees, “golf club” filigrees, etc.  But they are useful for so much more!  They are insanely good for re-touching letters, and giving them that razor-sharp quality that is so difficult to achieve consistently.  Also they are great for adding little hairline embellishments to your calligraphy.  I literally use mine every single day, and have yet to change the nib!  (They last soooo long).  These pen holders will absolutely hold the nib in a rock-solid fashion…there will be NO wobble or “looseness” of the nib (which is critical when executing finely detailed work).  Try one!!!  You will love it!

For these Filigree pens, I do include a brand new Atome nib )it will be installed in your pen when you receive it!


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