“Lusty Purple Diamonds” Writer



The “Lusty Purple Diamond Writer” by Unique Oblique

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Beautiful and eye-catching, this is the “Lusty Purple Diamonds” writer by Unique Oblique.  As with all of my pens, this is a custom handmade pen (I professionally hand turn all of my pens on my lathe one at a time).  I made this one from a custom-cast resin…a beautiful translucent purple pen (the purple is “streaked” through a clear resin which gives it a beautiful ethereal transparent quality.  As if this were not pretty enough, the resin is infused with teeny particles of REAL gem-quality diamond.  This gives the pen an uncanny sparkling beauty that you will never grow tired of seeing.  The light simply glints off of these diamond particles in a marvelous and magical way.  But this pen has much more than just “good looks” going for her…she is one heck of a fine writer, and has excellent balance and feel.  After all, this IS a Unique Oblique handmade pen holder!  yep!  No mistake about that!  🙂

As with all of the pens that I currently build, this pen is coated with multiple layers of super hardshell clear (10 coats minimum).  This is not a spray-on finish, but a hand applied super durable finish that will never ever become sticky or gummy.  I hand work this finish until it is extremely smooth, then I buff it out to a glossy, glasslike luster.  A finish so tough that if ink dries on it, you can scratch it off with your fingernail!   And as with all of my handmade calligraphy pens, this is a pro-caliber writing instrument that will happily handle the rigors and demands of the professional calligrapher/penman.


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