“Li’l Red” Filigree Pen (Only for Atome 1423/423 nibs)



“Li’l Red” Atome pen

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If you are a fan of Benoit Furet’s masterful filigrees, then you MUST have a great filigree pen, and this is definitely one of the “greats”.  This pen is designed to accommodate the Atome 1423/423 nibs that Benoit Furet uses to get those tiny hairlines.  These nibs are so tiny that they do not work well in a standard straight pen holder, and the “commercial” pen holders that I’ve gotten to accommodate these nibs are terrible; they are poorly made, and the nib is not held firmly.  So I decided to make my own, and devised a system that will hold the nib firmly so that it will not move at all while you write.  This particular filigree pen is made of exotic “Redheart” wood.  It is a pretty red color, and it is very light in weight.

This pen will ship with a new Atome nib, so you can go straight into your filigrees as soon as it arrives!

Unique Oblique Custom Pens are meticulously handmade writing instruments.  They are finely crafted, pro-caliber calligraphy pens.  This pen will easily and happily handle the rigors of the professional calligrapher.  As with all of my handmade calligraphy pens, this one is coated with my super hardshell clear coat (12 coats on this pen).  This finish is crystal clear, super hard, will never become sticky or gummy, and is almost impossible to stain.  If ink or gouache dries on this finish, you can wipe it off with a damp rag, or for stubborn cases, you can literally scrape it off with your fingernail.


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