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Lava Glow Writer



Lava Glow Writer

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Here is another beautiful handmade pen by Unique Oblique (me).  If you are a fan of the color orange, you will love this one.  The pearlescent qualities of this resin cause the orange to almost glow…reminds me of glowing orange lava swirling around inside of a volcano or something.  When I stare at it and tilt it in the light, it can become quite mesmerizing!  I paired this beautiful resin with a sleek black handle that I fashioned from exotic African Blackwood.  African Blackwood is an exceptionally hard and durable exotic wood.  You will appreciate the beauty of it as well.  I chose this color scheme (black and orange) because I saw an awesome Chevy Camaro painted in this scheme (gloss black and bright orange accents).  I thought this to be about as attractive and eye-catching as any car I’d seen.  So I sought to re-create that color scheme into this pen. (a bit of useless trivia for ya here).  haha.  Anyway, this looks every bit as nice as that Camaro (although it does not go as fast).  :-).

In all seriousness, this is a truly fine writing instrument…handmade custom and a one-off.  I do not have any more of this specific orange resin (and don’t even know if it is available any longer).  So if you like it, here’s your chance!  🙂

This is a handcrafted pro-caliber calligraphy pen that will easily handle the demands of the pro calligrapher/penman.

And of course I equipped this pen with 14 coats of my multi-layer clear finish…a hand applied hardshell clear that is meticulously and carefully polished to a glassy luster.  A finish so durable that it will never become sticky or gummy (as often happens with spray-on finishes).  It is soo tough, in fact, that if ink dries on the pen, you can simply scrape it off with your fingernail.

Be sure to click on the images of the pen to enlarge them.  🙂


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