Exotic Cocobolo Wood “Munchkin” handmade oblique pen



Cocobolo Munchkin Oblique

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Something new…my “Munchkin” designs.  These are excellent pro-caliber calligraphy pens, and are a more affordable option than my top-of-the-line Dragon pens.  But still, very nice pens, professional calligraphy pens, and excellent build quality.

Munchkin pens are all handmade by me, and all contain my super hardshell finish, buffed to a glass-like luster.  My “Munchkins” are a little longer than the “Elf” pens, but still relatively short (approx 5 1/4″ – 5 1/2″).  This one happens to be an oblique, but I will be making some in straight holder format soon.  🙂

I will happily set up the flange on this pen to fit your preferred nib.  Let me know the nib you plan to use in the pen and I will adjust it for you prior to shipping.  Only one “adjustment choice” please, it is not always possible to set the flange to fit several different nibs.   🙂

Munchkin pens do not include a nib nor a velvet presentation box.


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