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“Elegant Scepter” Karelian Straight Holder



Elegant Scepter Karelian Straight Holder

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An elegant weapon that I made from super-exotic Karelian Birch (with an sleek black Brazilian Ebony “tail”).  Karelian Birch is one of the most precious and highly prized exotic woods; and you can see why!  The insane curly grain patterns of this wood are amazing.  This pen is made from an excellent specimen (5-AAAAA grade).  A very very VERY elegant straight pen holder that will serve you for many many years.  Every calligrapher needs a good straight holder in their arsenal…straight holders are very versatile…they can accommodate both pointed nibs and broadpen nibs!   Great for Blackletter, Gothic Styles, and Copperplate too!

Unique Oblique Custom Pens are meticulously handmade writing instruments.  They are finely crafted, pro-caliber calligraphy pens.  This pen will easily and happily handle the rigors of the professional calligrapher.  As with all of my handmade calligraphy pens, this one is coated with my super hardshell clear coat (12 coats on this pen).  This finish is crystal clear, super hard, will never become sticky or gummy, and is almost impossible to stain.  If ink or gouache dries on this finish, you can wipe it off with a damp rag, or for stubborn cases, you can literally scrape it off with your fingernail.

This pen will ship to you in a premium presentation/storage case



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