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Deep Purple Magnusson pen by Unique Oblique

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An excellent handmade pen (by me of course)…made in the old familiar “Magnusson” style (with those long slender rat-tail handles). These pens are an absolute joy to use and are a lot of fun.  You might think they would be unwieldy or clumsy, but that is not the case at all.  Extremely well balanced, and almost feels “weightless” as you take it into writing position and the balance “takes over”.  Quite a unique and enjoyable writing experience that you will enjoy!  The “front end” of the pen is made with a piece of exotic Black Ash Burl wood that has been dyed purple.  The purple is quite dark but is definitely purple.  I paired this with a gorgeous handle that I made from exotic rosewood.  This is a very stout wood and this pen is not nearly so fragile as you might imagine.  It is quite stable and quite durable.

As with all of the pens that I currently build, this pen is coated with multiple layers of super hardshell clear (10 coats minimum). This is not a spray-on finish, but a hand applied super durable finish that will never ever become sticky or gummy. I hand work this finish until it is extremely smooth, then I buff it out to a glossy, glasslike luster. A finish so tough that if ink dries on it, you can scratch it off with your fingernail! And as with all of my handmade calligraphy pens, this is a pro-caliber writing instrument that will happily handle the rigors and demands of the professional calligrapher/penman.


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