“Canary Glass” Elf Oblique



“Canary Glass” Elf Oblique Pen

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Awesome little transparent resin pen (solid acrylic).  Really looks like canary-colored glass, but it is acrylic which  is not as heavy nor so fragile as real glass would be.  But it looks awesome in it’s beautiful bright canary-yellow color!

Don’t let the small size of these little Elf pens fool you!!!  These are little writing beasts!  They are definitely pro-caliber calligraphy pens…so comfortable and maneuverable. Light in weight too, which really is a plus for those long writing jobs or practice sessions!  You will love writing with them…

I will happily set up the flange on this pen to fit your preferred nib.  Let me know the nib you plan to use in the pen and I will adjust it for you prior to shipping.  (Only one “adjustment choice” please, it is not always possible to set the flange to fit several different nibs).   🙂  You can type this preference on the comments at checkout, or you can message me to let me know (email me or shoot me an Instagram message)…my Instagram I.D. is @uniqueobliques.



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