“Blue Flame Filigree”; Handmade Filigree pen, for Atome 423/1423 nibs only



“Blue Flame” Filigree Pen

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This is a “filigree pen”…I made it from a gorgeous piece of “flame maple” (also known as “fiddleback maple, tigerstripe maple, etc.). I double-dyed it to get this beautiful “Peacock Blue” hue…and the woodgrains are absolutely magical!  You will love just staring at the woodgrains as you tilt the pen in the light…the woodgrains seem to “move” in a sort of 3-D effect.  Very cool woodgrains!  This pen is designed for the Atome 423/1423 nib ( the 423 and 1423 are the same nib, but apparently the company changed the model number on them).  Anyway, this is a teeny nib and it won’t work well in a standard pen holder…there are commercial pen holders that are supposed to work with this nib, but the ones I purchased were garbage, and the nib wobbled and rocked around when I wrote with them…absolutely an exercise in frustration to write tiny filigrees with a wobbly nib!  Well, I designed this one…the nib is held rock-solid in these pens, and they look great as well!  These little nibs are great for more than filigrees too!  They are absolutely fantastic for re-touching any little details (such as refining the “diamond serifs” on blackletter and quadrata styles)!  Also works great for fineline Spencerian!  You will be amazed at how fine your hairlines will be with this nib!  These nibs are not very flexible, which is why they are so useful for hairlines and fine re-touching…they keep a fairly consistent hairline without “swells” or “shades”.  You can pressure the nibs enough to swell a little, but their beauty is in their ability to write consistently fine lines without “line width variation”.

I used an Atome 1423 nib to do most of the filigrees and fine-line details on the medieval-style piece that appears in the product image!  Be sure to check out the other images by clicking on the thumbnails!

This is a handmade, professional calligraphy pen…meticulously handcrafted (by me!), and as with all of my Unique Oblique pens, this one has the 12 coats of rock-hard clearcoat!  Hand rubbed finish that will never become sticky or gummy.  12 hand-applied coats (not a spray finish)…buffed to a glass-like lustre.

I will include a brand new Atome 1423 nib in this pen!


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