Custom Pen holder on my lathe, ready to be “parted”; then off to slotting and flanging operations.

I craft all of my Unique Oblique pens by hand, from the ground up! The exotic woods and/or other materials (resins, acrylic, Lucite, etc.) are meticulously custom cut to size and glued together into interesting and attractive designs and sequences.  Glued sections are reinforced with an interior dowel for stability and to insure that this penholder (unless something unforeseen happens) will live longer than you will!

The wooden pen blank is then hand turned on one of my lathes to the desired shape and size, and then finish is applied. The finish on my pens can include various wood stains, aniline dye applications, or other materials. Some of my most elite flagship pens are sent to renowned artist Schin Loong for hand painting and/or hand flourishing. Lastly, each pen is sprayed with several coats of clear lacquer, which is a very tough finish. It is not bulletproof, but is extremely durable and with bit of reasonable care it should last many years.

I fabricate my own oblique flanges from solid brass, and they are installed quite solidly. I use a combination of the Zanerian style friction fit, but reinforce the installation with CA (cyanoacrylate adhesive) glue. This gives a rock-solid flange installation. I like this method personally because even if the CA glue would eventually fail, the friction-fit of the Zanerian mount would still hold.

I build all of my pen holders one-at-a-time, to insure that all of my focus goes into that one pen until it is completed.  I do not use mass production methods, and I do not use lathe duplicators or CNC type machines. When you purchase a Unique Oblique, you are receiving a truly handmade pen; made with care and craftsmanship.  These truly are custom pens, made one at a time by me. Since I build each one myself, I am not only the builder, but the quality control guy. I am only human, and occasionally things go wrong (but like… really rarely!). If you do find that you receive anything from me that is defective or has faulty workmanship, I will make it right. If I cannot fix the problem, then I will work something out to your satisfaction, to include full refund (including shipping) if necessary.

Buy with confidence from me. I have supreme confidence in my products, and I want you to have supreme confidence in me!


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