Commission information

This pen belongs to Linda Proctor

This pen belongs to Linda Proctor

I do accept commission work (except for very busy seasonal periods such as the Christmas season, or when the Iampeth convention is looming). I wanted to say a word about commission work. First of all, I want to emphasize that all of the pens that I build are totally custom hand-made pens, whether they are commissions or whether they are stocked in my Etsy shop. Custom ordered commissions will carry a premium price tag, due to the time required to plan/design the pen along with the customer, and the extra time required to build the pen to the specs that are requested.

This added cost can be substantial, depending on exactly how much time is spent in communicating and agreeing upon a design, and of course on the complexity and time required to actually build the pen design. Other factors affect the cost also, such as the kinds of exotic woods and materials that are used in your custom pen. Most of my custom commission work has a premium cost of between $60 – $85 (and sometimes substantially more) over the price of penholders that I design and build (i.e., the pens that can be bought from my Etsy shop).

So, a ball park estimate of the price of custom commissioned work would be the price of my pen holders in my Etsy shop, with the custom surcharge of $60 – $85 added to that price.  Pens that are duplicates (pens that are duplicated from previous pen designs that you’ve seen, even if they are old pens that I once built) are also considered custom commission jobs.

In short, I do accept commission work, but the best deal dollar-wise will always be found in my Etsy shop. 🙂

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