About Us

Brian and Rhonda

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Unique Oblique is a small one-man shop (me). My name is Brian Smith (aka Brian the Lion) and thank you for visiting me! I take a lot of pride in building custom calligraphy pens, both oblique and straight style pen holders. My little shop is very much a boutique pen shop… I have no interest in becoming a huge conglomerate or mass producing huge quantities of product. Unique Oblique is small and boutique, and I like it that way. It’s a place where you can get extreme quality hand-build pen holders that are unique, attractive, extremely well constructed; with functionality and performance that will make you smile.

When you decide to purchase a Unique Oblique custom pen, you can be confident in your decision.  My Unique Oblique pens have been collected and coveted by esteemed calligraphers, artists, collectors and Master Penmen from around the world. When time permits, I continue my penmanship practice by including a hand calligraphed ‘thank you letter’ with each purchase of my pens. It is my sincere “thank you” for selecting and purchasing one of my hand-crafted pen staves.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.36.08 AM

Rhonda (my wife) and Misa (our kitty) are my most fervent supporters and staff of the Unique Oblique pen boutique. Rhonda helps with packing the pens and Misa helps by climbing into the boxes and falling asleep inside.

Brian (me), Rhonda and Misa currently live in Louisiana, U.S.A., and we ship the Unique Oblique Pens within the USA or internationally. We will be attending IAMPETH in 2015.  (Well, not Misa, but Rhonda and I will)  LOL!
You can contact us through email or Instagram @uniqueobliques.


Some of Brian’s calligraphy

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