Welcome to Unique Oblique

THE place for calligraphers, lettering artists and writers to acquire quality custom dip nib holders which are unique and beautiful.

Are you tired of digging out and using the same old tired, boring pen staff for your calligraphy? Try one of my custom hand crafted oblique holders, these are not just decorative items, they are serious pen holders for professional use. Made of various combinations of exotic woods, simulated pearls, simulated ivory and other materials, these are beautiful working pens. Most all of them are one-off pens, as I make them one at a time. No lathe duplicators or CNC routing machines, all are hand turned one by one like they did in the old days.

The metal oblique flanges are hand fabricated by me as well; some I attach via the epoxy and pin method (which yields a rock-solid placement), and some I use the time honored Zanerian method of the removable flange. I believe that you will find it a joy to write with something so well crafted and so beautiful.

Brian Smith, Unique Obliques LLC

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